Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Legislation Session Wrap-up

To see the various budget side-by-sides, go to

What bills made it through the process?

SB 5459, consolidating the RHCs was the biggest success of the session.

SB 5352 replaces the elimination of vision/glasses by allowing people on Medicaid to get them at cost.

HB 1163 made another small step forward on preventing bullying in schools.

HB 1053 provides for free training for family members who become legal guardians of an individual.

HB 1718 continues work on the issue of adults with developmental disabilities in the jails/corrections system by creating a diversion court for treatment rather than jail for people with DD, similar to what exists now for mental health.

SB 5097 passed the legislature in an attempt to create a work group to look at juveniles with DD in corrections facilities, as has now been done for adults, but the Governor vetoed the legislation. Advocates are still trying to find some way to begin looking at this important issue.

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